A beginner’s guide to making cold brew tea at home

making cold brew tea

Is the same old hot tea becoming old on you? Enjoy a pleasant cup of cold brew tea to change things up. It tastes smoother and less harsh than regular hot tea, and it’s really simple to produce at home. It’s also a fantastic way to cool yourself on a steamy summer day. This is a how-to for preparing cold-brew tea at home for beginners.

You will need the following materials to create cold-brew tea:

  • Any type of tea leaf will do (black, green, white, or herbal)
  • filtered water
  • Or a pitcher or jar
  • Towels or cheesecloth
  • (Optional) Ice

The selection of your tea leaves is the first stage. Though black and green teas are the most popular, you can use any kind of tea for cold brewing. Herbal and white teas are also effective. Try a variety of teas to see which is your favorite.

Next, measure the leaves of your tea. One tablespoon of tea leaves should be used for each cup of water, as a general guideline. Therefore, you’ll need to modify the amount if you’re producing a big batch.

After measuring your tea leaves, place them in a jar or pitcher. Add filtered water and stir to distribute the tea leaves evenly. Cover the container and refrigerate it for at least 8 hours or overnight for optimal steeping. The longer the steeping time, the stronger the flavor.

After the steeping process is complete, strain the tea through cheesecloth or a fine-mesh strainer to get rid of the tea leaves. It’s now time to enjoy the strained tea, which tastes great over ice for a nice, revitalizing drink.

Caffeine is less soluble in cold water so, cold brew tea has less caffeine than typical hot tea. You may need to drink more cold brew tea than hot tea if you’re looking for a caffeine boost.

In summary, crafting cold brew tea at home is a simple process allowing you to experiment with various flavors. It provides a refreshing alternative to conventional hot tea, making it an ideal choice for hot summer days. Give it a try and discover the delightful taste of cold brew tea.